Mission Statement

Personalizing your motorcycle greatly increases your pride of ownership and lets others know something about your passions or hobbies. It often starts-up conversations and enables new friendships with like-minded people. Unfortunately, many motorcyclists spend thousands of dollars on this sound concept, only to be shocked at how little it added to their bikes’ resale value. There’s simply no escaping one basic fact: The most valuable used motorcycle is a well-cared for STOCK motorcycle. Every permanent “improvement,” no matter how attractive it may be to the owner, usually makes it much more difficult to find the right buyer when the dreaded “new bike fever” strikes again.

RidePride’s mission is to enable motorcyclists to personalize their bikes in a very tasteful way WITHOUT negatively affecting their resale values. All of our products can be easily removed before resale, without leaving any potentially costly evidence.


RidePride is a sole proprietorship, owned and operated by Dave Hammond in Kingston, WA.  Dave is a proud Cold War Era Veteran of the US Navy’s Submarine Force.  During his service, He completed sixteen 2 ½ month strategic deterrent patrols defending our unique Constitutional freedoms as an Inertial Navigation Electronics Technician.  His duty stations included the USS Ethan Allen, USS Casimir Pulaski, USS Nevada and USS Alabama.  He also served as a Navy Instructor and as the manager of a satellite tracking facility.  Above all else, Dave remains a Constitutionalist.

Since his Naval career, Dave has been employed in a wide range of occupations including auto sales, long-haul truck driving, electro-mechanical field service, voice & data cabling systems design, teaching at the community college level, weapons manufacturing, and information technology.  He holds an Associate of Technical Arts in Computer Service Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Workforce Education and Development.  Dave has a deep respect for small business, the true engine of our economy.

Dave purchased his first motorcycle periodical with his paper route money at age 11.  He has been an avid motorcyclist since 1974, and has owned motorcycles from BMW, Harley Davidson, and several Japanese manufacturers.  His best days include a ride on his 2013 Fat Bob.  In addition, he is a devout dog lover and aspiring drummer.  Any profits from this site will be constructively utilized to fund Dave’s very essential “3M Therapy” (Music,  Mutts, and Motorcycles).

On 25 April 2011, Dave slowly began gathering the courage to follow his true passions. He is praying that his efforts will be appreciated by his motorcycling brethren and also serve as a great example for his grandchildren and other loved ones.